Proposal for Contemporaneous to be considered for the 2014/15 season

Grit and Perseverance

one movement, approximately 8 to 10 minutes in length, for the following instrumentation:

  • oboe, clarinet, bassoon, 2 violins, viola, violoncello, contrabass, drum kit

Grit and Perseverance holds the narrative of a persistent idea that, through repetition and discipline, grit and perseverance, may grow into something bigger than itself. Different rhythmic, melodic, and timbrel figures take on the role of such persistent ideas, and what unfolds is a conversation and battle between them meant to be fluid, unpredictable, and ultimately satisfying.

Sketched and demoed below are the first 3 minutes, and I leave you at the apex of the piece's first confrontation with itself as the ostinato in the bassoon and contrabass competes with the oboe, clarinet, and violins.

PDF download of sketch of score